The story behind our WINE

For over a century, the Halkiá family has been growing top-quality grapes on the scenic hills of Neméa, a breathtaking winemaking region nestled in the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece. For years, they sold their grapes to various cooperatives, but that all changed when Anna (Arápoglou) Halkiá joined the family.

Anna, a Greek-born woman raised in Australia, married George Halkiás and moved to Nemea in 1985. She quickly became passionate about viniculture, and when her children grew up, she knew she had to make her long-held wine dream a reality.

In 2004, she started crafting small batches of crafted wine. By 2007, all of the vineyards were certified organic. And in 2017, Halkiá winery began producing artisan-style, natural wines that are sure to delight even the most discerning wine lovers.

“I came to Greece 🇬🇷 from Australia 🇦🇺 in 1985 after having lived there for most of my life. I married into a family of grape growers and, when my children went to university, I found myself with ample time. Rather than selling our grapes to the local co-operative, I decided to try my hand at winemaking myself.

To me, a good wine always begins in the vineyard. I cultivate my vineyards with great respect for the environment, allowing the vines to flourish naturally. As a nature lover, I strive to preserve and protect it as much as possible, both for ourselves and for future generations.

For the past 15 years, all of our vineyards have been certified organic. We were among the first wineries in the Neméa region to cultivate our grapes using organic methods”

Winemaker & Founder
of Halkiá Organic Winery

We believe in living wine
from living soil

At Halkia Winery, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality, organically farmed and hand-picked grapes to make our wine. We believe that great wine starts with great ingredients, which is why we take such care in selecting the grapes that go into our bottles. We use no additives or processing aids during the fermentation process, allowing the natural flavors of the grapes to shine through in every sip.

Our natural wines are unfiltered and unfined, which means that they retain all of the unique characteristics of the grapes themselves. We believe that this approach, with minimal intervention, allows the wine to develop its own personality and complexity. We only add 30 mg/l of sulfites at bottling, which is just enough to ensure that the wine remains stable and fresh.

We are committed to producing artisan-style, natural wines that are a true reflection of our famaly’s winemaking tradition. Our wines are made with care and passion, and we believe that this is evident in every bottle. Come experience the essence of Greece with Halkia winery, and taste the difference that top-quality ingredients and minimal intervention can make.

Anna & George Halkia

This is how it begins

The Agiorgítiko berries are getting ready to be crushed and give us their rich, velvety red wine. Get ready to experience the seductive flavors of this luscious beverage 🍷

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Are you a wine lover who appreciates organic and natural wines?

If you find yourself in the winemaking region of Neméa, then Halkiá Winery cordially invites you to come sip on a glass of our exquisite red wine made from Agiorgítiko berries. Our doors are always open for you! Contact us today to book your unforgettable wine-tasting experience.

We welcome walk-ins, but advance booking is always advisable.

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