The story behind our wine

For more than 100 years Halkiá family has been growing high-quality grapes on the picturesque hills of Neméa —
a winemaking region in the Peloponnese peninsula, Greece. For decades they used to sell their grapes to various buyers of co-operative. Things changed when Anna (Arápoglou) Halkiá joined the family.

Greek-born and Australian-raised Anna married George Halkiás and moved to Nemea in 1985. She became passionate about viniculture, and when her children grew up, she realized she wanted her long-held wine dream to come true.

She started in 2004 by producing small quantities of crafted wines. In 2007 all the vineyards were certified organic. And in 2017, Halkiá winery started making artisan-style natural wines.

“I came to Greece 🇬🇷 from Australia 🇦🇺 in 1985 after having lived there for most of my life. I married my husband, who was from a grape growing family. When my children grew up and went to university I had plenty of time. I didn’t want to sell my grapes to the co-operative and decided that I wanted to make wine.

For me a good wine starts in the vineyard. I farm with a lot of respect for my vineyard and the environment, letting the vines grow as they want to grow. I just love living in nature, and I try to preserve nature as much as possible in the best interests of us and the future generation.

All our vineyards have been organic for 15 years. We were one of the first wineries in Neméa that had organic vineyards.”

winemaker and founder
of Halkiá Organic Winery

We believe in living wine from living soil

To make our wine we only use juice from top quality organically farmed and hand-picked grapes. Our natural wines are unfiltered and unfined, we use no additives or processing aids during the fermentation, and keep intervention to an absolute minimum. We only add 30 mg/l of sulfites at bottling.

Anna & George Halkia

This is how it begins

Agiorgítiko berries are getting ready to be crashed to give us their bloody red wine 🍷

We're HERE

If you’re an organic or natural wine lover and happen to take a visit to a winemaking region of Neméa, Halkiá Winery’s doors are always open for a good glass of wine 🍷. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to book your wine-tasting experience.

Advance booking is always advisable but you can always take a chance on the day itself 😉

You can reach us by phone or What’s app at +30 (697) 701-99-03 or by email 📧 [email protected]

We speak English 🇬🇧, Greek 🇬🇷 and Russian (🇷🇺 Alexandra, +30 (697) 167-19-12).